Genes, Upbringing and Right Choices: the Secrets of Mabel’s Success

  • Meet Dr. Emabel Sibayan-Jugo

Dr. Emabel Sibayan Jugo, Mabel, was molded very early on for her role as incoming President of the Endodontic Society of the Philippines (ESP). This preparation all began when she was born to Dr. Renato Sibayan, a renowned neurosurgeon, and Carmen Bernabe, a loving and supportive mother, on November 27, 1975. Mabel’s sterling qualities are not all owed to her genes. Rather, her upbringing also made her into the leader, professional, teacher, and human being that she is today. It was her father who recognized her potential and bright future as a dentist when he saw Mabel liked playing and tinkering with small toys and stuff as a child. He encouraged her to become a dentist and a pianist because he realized how well she worked with her hands. His own career path was a beacon for Mabel; he was her role model as leader, professor and lecturer. Balancing the professional advice and influence that her father bestowed on her was her mother’s spirituality, love and constant care. She has always been Mabel’s clutch, adviser, and guide from childhood to adulthood. She also grew up in the company of her well-rounded siblings, Tiggie, an ophthalmologist, Karen, an editor, and Gus, a chef. With these positive underpinnings, Mabel went on to graduate with a Doctor of Dental Medicine degree from the University of the Philippines Manila in 1998 and earned a place among the top 10 Dentistry licensure board passers. Mabel’s personal life flourished as well. While still in school, cupid came knocking on her door when she met the man who would eventually become her best friend, confidant, No. 1 ally, and critic,